Jar of Stars


Did you purchase a Jar of Stars in July 2020? You can now pick up your prize here! Take everything you see below and replace any instances of "choice" with your choice(s), if there are any in this month's jar.

This month's jar includes:

  • 5 random coupons (chosen from: cdvoucher, profilebadge, specialdeckdonation)
  • 2 cardpack10 coupons
  • 3 random stars (chosen from all types excluding yellow)
  • 2 yellow stars
  • 10 random star fragments


Jar of Stars (JULY 2020): pentagon-genieusteasers01, sunmi-gashina02, everglow-onda18, vixx-thecloser04, apink-2016seasonsgreetingcalendar17, vixx-thecloser08, unit-lineteasers09, seventeen-fallinflowerpv19, kangdaniel02, iu05, cdvoucher coupon, cdvoucher coupon, specialdeckdonation coupon, cdvoucher coupon, cdvoucher coupon, cardpack10 coupon, cardpack10 coupon, purplestar, pinkstar, bluestar, yellowstar, yellowstar, orangefragment, bluefragment, orangefragment, pinkfragment, orangefragment, pinkfragment, orangefragment, pinkfragment, bluefragment, bluefragment