Update Randomizer


Can't decide what to use your pulls on this week or have some leftover even after taking everything you'd want? You can use the randomizer below to help you fill up the rest of your pulls!

The randomizer below only shows 1 card per deck from the decks released in the most recent/current update so if using this randomizer, make sure you use it BEFORE the next update is posted! If you don't, the decks will automatically be changed to the decks released in the next update and it will no longer work for the previous update.

TIP 1 ! If you're using this randomizer after taking the pulls you do want and you've already maxed out the amount of cards you can take from a deck, you will have to remove the card from that deck(s). For example, if redvelvet-irene was released and you already pulled 2 cards from it (and the limit for the release is 2 cards per deck) then you cannot take the redvelvet-irene card that shows up in the randomizer below, as you've already maxed out your pulls limit for that deck!

TIP 2 ! Remember to keep in mind the total amount of pulls you're allowed to take from the new release! If you're only allowed to take 10 cards total and you've already taken 8 cards then you can only take 2 more cards from the randomizer below to fill up your pulls.

TIP 3 ! This randomizer will only show the same amount of decks that were just released which often times, will be less than the total pulls you're actually allowed to take due to the code. If you're solely relying on this randomizer to use up all your pulls then don't forget to double check that the # of cards below matches with how many pulls you're allowed to take in the update!


New Decks: ab6ix-woong02, sf9-goodguy12, woodz-dazedkorea200315, fx-krystalohboy120907, seventeen-diamondedgevcr14, wondergirls-whysolonely21, fromis9-hayoung09, eunji-hopefullysky23, straykids-iamyouteasers17, chungha-play24, izone-bloomizteasersii07