Below are the randomizers for each gender a deck featres: Female, Male, or Mixed! Each randomizer also shows the cards, the text log, and the code you can copy + paste to use on the forums that also comes with a reward log.

If there is currently no deck released for a gender, the randomizer will show broken images so please keep that in mind before reporting an error!

Female Decks

LOGNAME: clc-elkie22, redvelvet-russianrouletteteasers05, izone-lavieenrose15, apink-eunji21, redvelvet-russianrouletteteasers21, apink-brandnewdayspv04, ladiescode-kisskiss09, spica-tonight25, missa-hush06, chungha-snapping03

Male Decks

LOGNAME: infinite-thechaser16, exo-lovemerightkv07, bigbang-bangbangbang08, pentagon-kino24, seventeen-teenagewhitealbumi23, monstax-shownubeautyplus191018, vixx-ken12, seventeen-the824, nuest-lovepaint09, infinite-back23

Mixed Decks

Please note "Mixed" in this case means a deck featuring both male and females (ie. collaborations, co-edit groups/units, etc) rather than a randomizer featuring both male-only decks and female-only decks!

LOGNAME: specialstage-yearendshows06, specialstage-christmas12, specialstage-christmas05, specialstage-christmas21, specialstage-christmas19, specialstage-christmas10, specialstage-christmas19, specialstage-christmas03, specialstage-christmas21, specialstage-christmas20