Trading Hut


Stop by and send a trade at the Trading Hut, a TCG-run trade post! Trading Hut is essentially another member of the TCG that will have collecting decks and a trading pile so players are free to trade with it! While you can send anything in a trade with the Trading Hut and it will always be accepted, players who send cards from the deck(s) the Trading Hut is currently collecting will earn a bonus reward if the deck is completely collected. See below for more information and rules!

  • Prejoiners may trade up to 6 cards with the Trading Hut per week!
  • Platinum members may trade up to 5 cards with the Trading Hut per week!
  • Regular members may trade up to 4 cards with the Trading Hut per week!
  • All members, regardless of player status, can send up to 2 cards per week from decks that the Trading Hut is collecting but they must be SEPARATE decks.
  • If there are multiple cards from a deck in the trade pile, you may only take up to 2 cards per deck!
  • Weeks reset on update days AFTER the update itself is posted! This is so we can have time to add new cards to the trade pile, if any.

When you're ready to submit a trade, please fill out THIS FORM! This pulls the cards you want from the trade pile so others can't ask for them unless there are duplicates.