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Posted on 201127 by Cassidy

Games: Variety Set, Drama Set


Jules"a small pack of random stars!" So scroll down to the bottom of THIS RANDOMIZER and take all 5 stars you see there upon first load!

Haylee"I wish for 2 shooting stars for everone!" So choose any 2 Shooting Stars from HERE! No limits or restrictions on how many of a single type you can pick!


And for being the currently featured artist, here is a bonus Stray Kids deck! This deck is included in regular pulls.

You may take a total of 12 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated and/or made (2 if they did both).
If using the Release Upgrade, the 2 extra pulls cannot be from a deck you've already maxed out pulls from!

To swap pulls from this release, feel free to use the #trades-and-pulls channel on Discord!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


First of all, it’s never easy to write these kinds of posts and I hate that I have to write one now but I think this is something many of you probably assumed might happen eventually, given how things have been going for most of this year on mine and yasu’s ends. But before I get into everything, I’ll start with saying that Starlight will be going on hiatus starting December 1st!

Currently, we have plans for the hiatus to only last for the duration of December as yasu and I want to see if life will settle down for us by the time January comes, at which time we’ll re-evaluate then whether we can continue running Starlight in the new year or not. We feel so bad with how the TCG is being run as it is but we can’t honestly say or promise that it’ll change or get better over time, as life tends to be like that! So we’ll see what it’s like at the end of the year and will make another post with our final decision.

Until then, the TCG, site and forums will all remain open so if anyone wants to continue playing the weekly games (as well as the drama set if you have the shooting star for it), submitting masteries/level ups, or posting things, you definitely can! Feel free to also keep trading and what not if you’d like!!

I have not updated the biweekly games this week (you can still play them though! just enter in the previous answers!!) but everything else has been, and we have the normal deck release and wishes like you all probably saw already! I did just go ahead and release all the decks that were voted for so if any of you choose to keep playing, you can still collect those decks you asked for!!

I'll also be trying to make sure everything on the forums has been responded to and made re: custom graphics so you guys will at least have those for keeps regardless of whether we stay open or not after the holidays. Anything posted after today though might not be responded to, which we’ll leave up to the forum staff’s discretion to decide whether they want to keep replying to or not!

Regarding the Jar of Stars for November: If anyone has purchased it, you're welcome to take the contents of the jar now or anytime you'd like & update the log to say November instead! It probably won't be updated in December when the new jar would've been available so the contents would still be the same either way. If/When we come back, we'll also carry on with the 3rd place winner of Artist Ranking as well!


All the important info regarding the hiatus was above so feel free to skip over this if you have no interest (we totally understand if so! I also write a lot so I get it lol) but I felt like I should explain a little about what led us to come to this decision, in case anyone cares or was curious.

Like I mentioned, this decision is probably not surprising to most of you as I’m sure it’s been pretty obvious that both yasu and I have very rarely been active or even around the forums, if at all, TCG and admin-wise. We of course want to apologize for this because you guys continue to keep playing Starlight despite that and we’ll never stop being grateful or appreciative for it, as well as all the kind and supportive messages or comments you guys leave us! We may not reply to them but we see them and we are touched every time. ;;

For yasu, a lot of things have come up in her life that have caused her to be online less as she tends to them, in addition to her already busy and stressful job as a nurse which as I’m sure many of you can guess, is even more difficult right now because of the pandemic and everything coming with it. Naturally, stuff like TCG will take a backseat which I think is understandable and would honestly prefer if she did because her well-being comes first!

For me, I’m not as busy as yasu but I do work in retail so I have to leave my house for every shift and interact with a lot of people at the mall I work at so I’m always worried about my health (not to mention there have been multiple confirmed cases of COVID where I work, although none of them have been in or near my story specifically) and most days, I’m usually too tired or exhausted to do much work when I get home. Even on my days off, I use them to catch up on sleep and relax by doing other stuff that aren’t as demanding - which you think might be funny to read about owning a TCG but it’s honestly a lot of behind the scenes work that probably goes unnoticed a lot of the times, and takes more time than you’d expect!

Yasu and I would honestly spend hours and hours doing things for the TCG and at some point, it started to feel less like a fun hobby and more of an obligation on top of everything else we’re already dealing with offline because we didn’t want to disappoint or let anyone down, and also because we genuinely love Starlight and want to continue it. We’re often too tired or pooped from doing admin work that we barely get to play in the TCG ourselves which is honestly sad since the reason we originally created Starlight is because we wanted to play in a TCG that offered things that others might not have!

So we tried to keep it going for as long as we could, even if some weeks we literally had to drag ourselves to do an incomplete update just for the sake of doing it - which we also want to apologize for as you guys don’t deserve that! We shouldn’t do that to ourselves either which is why we decided to take a break for the time being, as this has been something we’ve been discussing for months now but were unsure if we should really do it or not. Due to recent circumstances though, we decided to go through with it so we hope you guys understand where we’re coming from and why we’re doing this!

We of course would love to keep running Starlight for as long as possible as there are still things we had planned and wanted to do, and many decks and things we want to see, but we need time to re-evaluate things and figure out if running a TCG is feasible for us currently. We’re extremely sorry for dropping this so suddenly and if we let anyone down though! We hoped we’d never have to come to this but this year… has been something LOL. ;;

Should anyone need to contact us, we are still available on Discord and Twitter through our personal accounts (contacting the TCG twitter may result in us never seeing it tbh lmao), and the server where the Starlight channels are located on will remain open as well to use.


We will probably post one last update on December 1st (w/none of the usual monthly update stuff though) just to officially kick off the hiatus, and re-summarize or add any other info that we think up or are asked between now and then! This will be our last "regular" update for the time being though. ;;

To wrap things up, we just want to say thank you to all our members and staff for keeping Starlight alive, and to everyone who joined at some part whether you’re still here or not! We honestly couldn’t have done this without you guys, so thank you!!

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POSTED ON: Nov 27, 2020 @ 08:51 pm

Dreams Come True (Jules): yellowstar, yellowstar, orangestar, bluestar, orangestar\r\nDreams Come True (Haylee): premiumvarietysubscription, tradingbonus\r\nNew Decks: chungha-play09, chungha-play12, fx-krystalohboy120904, fx-krystalohboy120915, izone-bloomizteasersii08, izone-bloomizteasersii14, seventeen-diamondedgevcr04, seventeen-diamondedgevcr16, sf9-goodguy06, sf9-goodguy15, wondergirls-whysolonely03, wondergirls-whysolonely10\r\nDecks Donated: wondergirls-whysolonely01\r\nDecks Made: chungha-play01, izone-bloomizteasersii01, sf9-goodguy01, wondergirls-whysolonely02\r\n\r\nthank you cassidy and yasu for all the work you\'ve done for starlight


POSTED ON: Nov 28, 2020 @ 06:03 am

wishing you guys all the best this coming month!! i cant imagine how stressful it is with your workplaces & the ongoing pandemic. your health comes first! ty for this final update before the hiatus!\r\n\r\nNew Decks: izone-bloomizteasersii12, izone-bloomizteasersii08, chungha-play03, chungha-play22, fromis9-hayoung07, fromis9-hayoung17, fx-krystalohboy120908, fx-krystalohboy120915, wondergirls-whysolonely17, wondergirls-whysolonely20, seventeen-diamondedgevcr01, seventeen-diamondedgevcr02,


POSTED ON: Nov 30, 2020 @ 06:35 am

wish(jules) got purplefragment, bluefragment, pinkfragment, pinkfragment, bluefragment, bluefragment, pinkfragment, pinkfragment, \r\norangefragment, pinkfragment\r\n\r\nwish(haylee) got tradingbonus, releaseupgrade\r\n\r\nnew sets took ab6ix-woong23, fx-krystalohboy120906, wondergirls-whysolonely18, woodz-dazedkorea200307, seventeen-diamondedgevcr14, sf9-goodguy24, straykids-iamyouteasers03, chungha-play09, fromis9-hayoung08, eunji-hopefullysky22, izone-bloomizteasersii23


POSTED ON: Dec 04, 2020 @ 11:54 am

New Decks (201127) (12/12): fx-krystalohboy120902, fx-krystalohboy120915, wondergirls-whysolonely01, wondergirls-whysolonely11, woodz-dazedkorea200302, woodz-dazedkorea200312, straykids-iamyouteasers15, chungha-play22, fromis9-hayoung23, izone-bloomizteasersii22, seventeen-diamondedgevcr08, seventeen-diamondedgevcr22\r\n\r\nDreams Come True (jules): bluestar x2, yellowstar x2, orangestar\r\nDreams Come True (haylee): premium variety subscription x2


POSTED ON: Dec 06, 2020 @ 04:45 pm

- Dreams Come True (271120/Haylee): premiumvarietysubscription, premiumvarietysubscription\r\n- Dreams Come True (271120/Jules): purplestar, pinkstar, orangestar, bluestar, yellowstar\r\n- Update (271120): woodz-dazedkorea200313, woodz-dazedkorea200315, sf9-goodguy13, sf9-goodguy17, seventeen-diamondedgevcr13, seventeen-diamondedgevcr17, izone-bloomizteasersii13, izone-bloomizteasersii17, chungha-play13, chungha-play17, ab6ix-woong13, ab6ix-woong17

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