Day 8 ✧ December 23rd

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Day 8 ✧ December 23rd

Post by yasu » Mon Dec 23, 2019 5:05 am

Make sure you read the Christmas Countdown Calendar information post before participating in this event!

°˖ ✧ DAY 8
On the eighth day leading up to Christmas, the admins give to you:
  • 3 CD vouchers - You can either grab the CDs you want right now, or keep the vouchers to grab those whenever the shop has ones you want!
  • 6 choice cards
  • 15 random cards
Please pick up the gift HERE and fill in the instances of "choice" with the filename of the choice cards you're taking! There are no limits or restrictions to how many cards per deck you can take unless otherwise noted.

In order to claim Day 8's event card (ev-christmascountdown201908), you MUST take ALL the choice cards at once AND reply to this thread with what you're taking before 11:59 PM EST on December 23rd! Just add the log below to the end of your gift!

i love you

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Re: Day 8 ✧ December 23rd

Post by amy » Mon Dec 23, 2019 5:14 am

Christmas Countdown 2019 (Day 8): cdvoucher, cdvoucher, cdvoucher, everglow-aisha07, everglow-aisha25, everglow-aisha12, everglow-aisha24, everglow-aisha13, everglow-aisha23, nct-jeno22, specialstage-favoritegirls19, redvelvet-sappypv05, sunmi-siren18, bts-loveyourselfherteasersii15, monstax-beautiful03, twice-twicecoasterlane1teasers14, mamamoo-hwasa11, seventeen-the824, got7-presentyouandmeteasers05, ace-cactus25, ladiescode-kisskiss04, kimdonghan-goodnightkiss22, blackpink-asifitsyourlast19, wannaone-springbreeze12, , +ev-christmascountdown201908

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Re: Day 8 ✧ December 23rd

Post by Jules » Mon Dec 23, 2019 5:19 am

Christmas Countdown 2019 (Day 8): cdvoucher, cdvoucher, cdvoucher, itzy-yeji10, itzy-yeji11, itzy-yeji24, itzy-yeji25, bts-jungkook05, bts-jungkook09, blackpink-asifitsyourlast06, bts-jhope23, nct-jeno01, kyungri-bluemoon11, shinee-everybody05, exo-thewarteasersi12, bts-bloodsweatandtears23, twice-twicecoasterlane1teasers10, taeyeon-i23, theboyz-new24, rocketpunch-bimbambum12, gfriend-eunha02, seventeen-vernon08, momoland-baam25, sulli14, +ev-christmascountdown201908

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Re: Day 8 ✧ December 23rd

Post by Haylee » Mon Dec 23, 2019 5:27 am

Christmas Countdown 2019 (Day 8): cdvoucher, cdvoucher, cdvoucher, blackpink-asifitsyourlast10, blackpink-asifitsyourlast22, everglow-eu03, everglow-eu11, everglow-eu21, everglow-sihyeon10, blackpink-rose01, hwasa-twit15, chungha-loveu04, bts-suga23, kimdonghan21, gfriend-timeforusdaybreakteasers06, ateez-hongjoong25, gfriend-eunha21, wjsn-dreamyourdreamteasers16, infinite-tellme18, redvelvet-icecreamcake15, bts-v11, shinee-onew20, twice-tt07, mamamoo-windflower16, +ev-christmascountdown201908

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Re: Day 8 ✧ December 23rd

Post by Mari » Mon Dec 23, 2019 5:49 am

Christmas Countdown 2019 (Day 8): cdvoucher, cdvoucher, cdvoucher, wjsn-luda20, shinee-sherlockalbum14, shinee-sherlockalbum15, shinee-sherlockalbum17, shinee-sherlockalbum18, shinee-sherlockalbum19, everglow-aisha02, vixx-voodoodoll10, nct-jeno06, wjsn-dreamyourdreamteasers12, bts-jungkook10, kimdonghan-goodnightkiss04, ladiescode-kisskiss06, izone-lavieenrose09, blackpink-asifitsyourlast24, bts-bloodsweatandtears21, seventeen-vernon12, infinite-tellme09, astro-alllightteasers02, x1-flash03, taeyeon-iteasers05, +ev-christmascountdown201908

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Re: Day 8 ✧ December 23rd

Post by Amber » Mon Dec 23, 2019 5:51 am

Christmas Countdown 2019 (Day 8): cdvoucher, cdvoucher, cdvoucher, bts-jungkook14, bts-jungkook18, bts-jungkook19, bts-jungkook20, bts-jungkook22, bts-jungkook24, nct127-touchteasers03, fx-krystal15, taemin-want25, wekimeki-kisskicksteasers20, bts-jin13, everglow-yiren15, exo-loveshotteasers10, taemin-want07, specialstage-favoriteboys21, seventeen-hoshi06, oneus-twilight11, shinee-sherlockalbum01, aoa-chanmi06, everglow-aisha10, bts-suga25, +ev-christmascountdown201908

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Re: Day 8 ✧ December 23rd

Post by andrea » Mon Dec 23, 2019 6:45 am

Christmas Countdown 2019 (Day 8): redvelvet-perfectvelvet, shinee-replay, taeyeon-voice, seventeen-teenagewhitealbumii01, seventeen-teenagewhitealbumii05, seventeen-teenagewhitealbumii06, seventeen-teenagewhitealbumii10, seventeen-teenagewhitealbumii11, seventeen-teenagewhitealbumii13, everglow-eu03, aoacream-imjellybaby13, suzy-suzysuzyphotobook05, nuest-lovepaint15, kimdonghan13, lovelyz-destiny02, txt-tdcstarcatanddogteasers15, bts-jungkook14, seventeen-mingyu25, leo-touchandsketch05, apink-mrchu24, momoland-yeonwoo21, theboyz-noair02, bts-loveyourselfherteasersi07, blackpink-rose01 + ev-christmascountdown201908


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Re: Day 8 ✧ December 23rd

Post by Dhee » Mon Dec 23, 2019 7:01 am

Christmas Countdown 2019 (Day 8): izone-buenosaireschaewon, izone-sukitoiwasetaichaewon, izone-vampirechaewon, apink-mrchu17, apink-mrchu18, apink-mrchu21, shinee-sherlockalbum15, shinee-sherlockalbum17, shinee-sherlockalbum18, theboyz-noair16, x1-flash01, everglow-aisha08, bts-loveyourselftearoalbum17, redvelvet-russianroulette12, itzy-itzicyteasers21, straykids-woojin21, jonghyun-baseteasers07, everglow-aisha05, straykids-changbin16, astro-alllightteasers01, bts-bloodsweatandtears04, rocketpunch-bimbambum22, kimdonghan-goodnightkiss09, kimdonghan18, +ev-christmascountdown201908

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Re: Day 8 ✧ December 23rd

Post by Cassidy » Mon Dec 23, 2019 8:22 am

Christmas Countdown 2019 (Day 8): cdvoucher, cdvoucher, cdvoucher, ohmygirl-summerpartyteasers02, ohmygirl-summerpartyteasers03, ohmygirl-summerpartyteasers08, ohmygirl-summerpartyteasers09, ohmygirl-summerpartyteasers10, ohmygirl-summerpartyteasers19, jonghyun-baseteasers09, jonghyun-baseteasers02, dreamcatcher-piri25, monstax-beautiful04, straykids-hyunjin21, everglow-yiren25, seventeen-teenagewhitealbumi03, v-winterbear04, theboyz-noair24, apink-brandnewdayspv15, redvelvet-icecreamcake13, everglow-aisha16, seohyun-dontsaynoteasers11, sunmi-siren21, blackpink-asifitsyourlast01, +ev-christmascountdown201908

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Re: Day 8 ✧ December 23rd

Post by Echo » Mon Dec 23, 2019 9:28 am

Christmas Countdown 2019 (Day 8): cdvoucher, cdvoucher, cdvoucher, dreamcatcher-piri16, dreamcatcher-piri17, dreamcatcher-piri19, dreamcatcher-piri22, dreamcatcher-piri23, dreamcatcher-piri24, momoland-baam09, wjsn-dreamyourdreamteasers15, txt-tdcstarcatanddogteasers15, fx-krystal12, jonghyun-baseteasers02, twice-twicecoasterlane1teasers14, sulli01, gidle-yuqi16, everglow-yiren15, seohyun-dontsaynoteasers10, bts-jungkook02, specialstage-favoritegirls04, seventeen-mingyu04, taemin-want17, nct-jaehyun15, +ev-christmascountdown201908


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